Brain Poetry (2013)

Brain Poetry (2013) is a poetry generator, which produces poetry from the user’s brain waves. The technology behind the generator is based on methods of computational creativity developed by researcher Jukka Toivanen. The artwork examines the combination of a human and a machine in a creative process.

Computational creativity means imitating, modeling and aiding creativity with a computer. The artwork deals with issues of creativity in science, as well as the opportunities of technology in this field. It questions the way we see the art and the science as opposites. The poem generated from user’s brain waves varies individually. Brain Poetry proposes a new perspective to the human-machine relationship.

In Brain Poetry the viewers EEG signal controls the poetry algorithm determining the theme and rhythm of the poem. During our one month exhibition in XL Art Space, Helsinki, over 1000 unique brain poems were created. Poetry generator has since visited several galleries and museums in Finland including Kiasma the museum of contemporary art in Helsinki and the media museum Rupriikki in Tampere.

Brain Poetry produces poems in Finnish and in English. The German version is under construction and will be presented in Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014.


One thought on “Brain Poetry (2013)

  1. That is very interesting! I think the video will work better if the poem too was translated so one can weight the quality of this technology and the project as a whole.

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