Brain Poetry in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Brains on Art:
Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, Finnish Pavilion

Brain Poetry, an interactive poetry generator was presented in the Frankfurt Book Fair 7th-12th of Octobre in the Guest of Honer Pavilion of Finland. During the week we produced almost 4 500 brain poems and the German and international media were enthusiastic to write about the piece.

Brain Poetry is a poetry generator that produces poems using the viewer’s brain waves. The EEG signal determines the style and meter of the poem. The brain waves of the viewer are shown in the visualization in real time. The poems were generated both in English and in German and the generator prints out the final poem. Brain Poetry proposes a new perspective to the human-machine relationship. The poem generated from user’s brain waves varies individually.

Video by Poemcatcher



Thank You:


Taiteen Edistämiskeskus

Aalto University

Helsinki University


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